Problems Even the Cleanest Homes Might Still Deal with

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No matter how much you clean the house, there might be plenty of dirt hiding in plain sight. They may be in places that you would expect to get dirty but don’t really clean all that often because, well, nothing has gone wrong due to their state of cleanliness yet.

It’s not like a health inspector will make rounds at home, right? Even if you don’t expect to be called out for not cleaning every single surface in the house, do it anyway so you can avoid the following:

Drain Clogging

Your kitchen sink is always in use. It’s not just a place where you accumulate dirty dishes until you have no choice but to eat from bowls. You need that sink to dispose of liquids, food waste, and even food grease.

Although you don’t think these come back to haunt you, a clogged drain will teach you that lesson the hard way. The problem starts when draining slows down until eventually, you have a full blockage on your hands.

It’s more a problem with accumulated debris that clung to the inside of the pipes than a one-time big morsel that refuses to go down. Do you think that drain de-clogger is your best friend?

Any 24-hour drain cleaner in Salt Lake City will tell you that those chemicals only add to your future problems, as they corrode the pipes and leave residue too. Now imagine how much damage they’re doing because of frequent use.


Man getting an apple from the fridgeWatch one episode of Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” and you’ll be familiar with the term cross-contamination. Ramsay strongly dislikes a fridge that has both cooked and uncooked food in them.

The uncooked food, especially chicken, may be a breeding ground for bacteria and if they reach cooked food that is ready for serving, it could be life-threatening. It’s not that hard to clean the fridge to keep it germ-free, but on top of that, it’s also important to separate uncooked food from cooked food, with everything stored in tightly sealed containers.

Allergic Reactions

Ever wondered why your children are always sick? The dirt accumulating inside your air conditioner may be to blame. This may be triggering allergies especially if a member of the family had contact with the allergen outside the house and brought the residue into the home with them.

Even without food or dander allergies, the dirt may still trigger asthma attacks for individuals with compromised respiratory systems, particularly children and the elderly. Even the cooking tools you use at home may contribute to allergic reactions if they are not cleaned properly.

Say someone cooked with peanut oil and cleaned up haphazardly despite knowing that someone has a food allergy. For cases like this, it’s important to clean up thoroughly, but it’s even more important to gather everyone and talk to them about how their actions may endanger someone’s life.

Do you think you can clean the house without leaving any pot or pan unturned? Turns out that may not be enough if you don’t want to be surprised by problems you cannot make sense of.

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