How to Raise a Child in a Christian Home?

parents teaching children about bible
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Being able to raise a child is a huge responsibility. Sadly many parents tend to forget that raising a child is more than feeding or dressing them. It also includes teaching them values and the importance of faith.

If you are a true believer of Christ, it’s only understandable that you want to pass on the spiritual heritage to your child. Here are some tips on raising a child in a Christ-centered household:

Put Christ in the Center of Everything

Putting Christ in the center of everything is easier said than done. Yet, if you want your child to teach Christianity to children, you have to be aware of how you teach these things to them. Even simple activities like watching TV can significantly impact how you show them what’s right or wrong.

Children can see what you consider funny and appropriate to watch. And as a result, they gain interest in the things you watch. In raising children, they should see you persistently putting Christ in everything you do, including the movies you pick to watch or devoting your Sundays to church service.

Show Christianity in Your Actions

Don’t just tell your child to embrace Christ. You need to show them how they should do it. Your actions will teach your child how a Christian should behave, and if you don’t practice what you preach, it will be a confusing scenario for your child.

Although you will not be as perfect as Christ, there are ways to show your child and the people around you that you have faith in Him. Your child should know the difference inside your household and the outside world, and they must see that Christianity lives inside your home every day. A child being raised in a Christian home should be able to differentiate Christian and non-christian actions as they see Christianity in their parents.

Make sure that your actions match the things you teach your child, and be gentle in answering their questions. For example, if you work for a science-focused establishment, perhaps a medical research facility, and your child asks what you do there, take the time to explain your job and its significance in helping other people. Doing this will teach your child the importance of showing equal respect as you give attention to their innocent questions.

Prioritize your Family

Once you start a family, you need to devote yourself to them all the time, ensuring that you prioritize them over your personal needs. Christians follow one simple rule: stay committed to God first and commit themselves to their families.

Doing so may sound easy, but many Christians tend to struggle in this part. Some may get too busy loving other people that they neglect loving their families at home. And as an active Christian, there are many things you need to attend to, but remember that after Christ, family comes second.

Teach Bible to your Kids

One of the best ways to introduce Christ to your children is by reading them the bible and explaining its content to them. A child may read the bible without supervision. However, we all know how broad and deep it could be. If a child is too young to understand its context, it would be better to read the book with them. If they have questions, you will be able to explain further and make them understand whatever they read.

Attend the Church Together

There is no point raising a child in a Christian home if you don’t take them to the church with you. Sadly, many Christians have failed to do this part. There are way too many Christians that live only for themselves, forgetting that attending the church together as a family is vital in teaching Christianity to children. Take your child with you. You might think that they are too young to understand anything, but taking them to church is good to raise them with Christian values.

Pray Together
family praying together beside the bed

Praying as a family is essential. In fact, prayer time at home is a great way to teach your children about strengthening their faith. Moreover, it will teach them the importance of building a relationship with God as a family and individual. Praying together is also an excellent method to teach your child how to pray and surrender to God everything that bothers them.

Teaching your child to pray at a young age is vital mainly because it’s a habit that will strengthen their beliefs and faith as they grow older. If you do not pray with your kids, their faith might not develop over the years.

In summary, so many factors can help you raise your child in a Christian home. But hopefully, these tips will help you invest in your child’s spirituality. Teach them, pray with them, and show them how a faithful Christian should behave so that they will grow old carrying all the teachings they’ve learned from you.

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