You Can Raise Great Teenagers! (But It’s Not Easy!)

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Being a parent is a challenging task. From the time your child is still breastfeeding to preparing themselves how to become an adult. Children often misunderstood their parents’ actions when trying to discipline them and end up in an argument. Worse is when teenagers attempt to become rebellious. Why do they become rebels? Most parents would not take their time to analyze the situation and become agitated by the confrontation. However, there are ways to help children grow properly without leading to a debate.

Some parents would think that a portion of their attention is enough to keep the communication open between their children. However, effective communication is important and provides children with enough attention to understand their needs. Parents need to act according to their children’s phase to understand what their children are undergoing. Here are some guidelines to help parents raise their teenage children.

Respect their time and listen to what they have to say.

The simplest form that a parent could do to understand their children is to listen to them. Most parents would often go straight to the bottom of the situation when a teenager has sinned. This type of action will only lead to an argument, and nothing will be understood. The right approach is to listen first before a parent should act. Parents need to know the reason why their children act in a certain way. Let the children explain themselves first, then give an opinion of what is supposed to be done and let them think about it.

The parents’ judgment should be based on how their children would react to the situation. Parents should not act impulsively; they need to know the whole scenario first. Another method to raise teenagers is to respect their privacy. Teenagers are usually transitioning from being a child to early adulthood. They need to have their privacy and time to sort everything on their own. This is a learning phase for them to become independent. However, make sure to provide them with your own time when they need it.

Reward them with more freedom when they are worthy of having it.

Teenagers’ most desired reward is freedom. It is stressful for them to go to a party but could not go because their parents would not let them. However, making them understand that they have to earn your trust first before anything else. Tell them the things they need to become mature and learn to handle time management. They have to realize that the only way for them to gain more freedom is to be self-responsible. But do not make them keep their promise, and you would not. Parents should also keep their word when a promise is given. This way, parents teach their children to become mature and know how to handle themselves outside their homes.

Mother and daughter

Spend more time with them.

Being a parent is not easy. It is not just raising children, but it is the way to sort everything from utilities to the food on the table. As busy people, parents tend to come home late without even checking on their children. Sometimes, parents go to work early in the morning and not even see their children go to school. Spending time with your children is raising them with the feeling of security, that they have parents to guide them. Do something together as a parent and child. Make them improve themselves by allowing them to attend activities and learning something new.

One way that they could do is to take the Basic Driver’s Improvement Course or BDIC online. This way, teenagers not only learn how to drive, but they can also be responsible if an emergency happens and if they are needed for driving a family member to the hospital. Spending time with teenagers could also help parents learn what they are doing and an opportunity to guide them and keep them safe from bad influences.

Set clear and firm rules and let them be accountable for their actions.

Parents should always set rules for their children. This is not to lock them up in the house or control them but to make them realize that an action has an equivalent reaction. This is also a way to allow them to learn about being responsible children. Parents should know that they have to be firm when they say “no”. This is a way to let their children understand that parents are serious about their rules. Teenagers also need to understand that rules are made to guide them properly and not to break them. They should understand that they are liable for their actions and need to be accountable for anything they have done. They need to understand that it is better to follow a simple rule rather than get into trouble. Explain the consequences of their actions and why they should not break the rules. They would realize that the rules are for their benefit.

Compliment them.

The encouragement and praise that parents give their children are essential to boost a teenager’s morale. This is a way to develop their self-confidence and guide them to what is good and not. Compliment them on every good deed they have done and always tell them that they are good children. It is a way of teaching your children that they are good and capable of doing good things. It is like a mindset for your children to become better people. However, parents should know that they have to compliment for the right deed. Parents should also know to show their children the right things to do. Every good deed that a teenager accomplished would deserve a pat on the back.

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