Five Residential Real Estate Trends

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Trends in residential real estate many times follow societal changes and people’s choices and behaviors. With that in mind, here are five of the most important ones currently at the forefront.

Blend of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to a house, few things are more appealing than large spaces filled with natural light. After all, spaciousness is synonymous with freedom and relaxation. It creates visual satisfaction, eases the senses, and helps people relieve the stresses of a thriving career, household chores, and personal relationships.

As a result of this, today’s houses incorporate outdoor environments like kitchens, gardens, swimming pools, patios, and garages with indoor areas that complement existing roof lines and seamlessly blend spaces in a natural and sophisticated way. Not only that, but they come in a wide range of designs for all tastes and structures, from classic homes to modern, minimalist properties and everything in between.

Multi-Cultural Identities

Interior decoration is something many of us are passionate about. It is especially true for new homeowners who want their houses to reflect their unique personalities and don’t mind investing the time and money to turn their ideas into a reality. Whether you are an outgoing person who loves to hold parties and invite family and friends over or an introvert who prefers the convenience of having your own personal space, the place you call home is oftentimes a direct extension of your principles and beliefs.

In the 21st century, this is usually a combination of many things: traveling experiences and cultural knowledge. If you have ever been to an exotic, mystical destination like Bali in Indonesia, Mykonos in Greece, or Goa in India, chances are you will decorate your house with the items that remind you of where you have been and the many wonderful things you have seen.

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A House of Many Hats

Unless you were born more than one hundred years ago and had to suffer through the devastating effects of the Spanish Flu, you have probably never experienced something quite like the covid-19 global pandemic. For many of us, the past year and a half have been a time of self-reflection, precaution, flexibility, and adaptation. And even if several pharmaceutical companies from various nations have already started rolling out vaccines, an end to this crisis is far from clear.

Because of this, the residential properties of 2020 and 2021 have become multi-functional areas where we not only sleep, eat, and spend time with our loved ones but also work, entertain ourselves, and stay healthy. As such, the recent growth in personal gyms and home offices is far from surprising.

Giving Back What We’ve Taken

Global warming and environmental damage are not a myth. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live, it would be both ignorant and irresponsible to pretend the depletion of our natural resources and the long list of species either extinct or endangered is not a major worldwide issue.

Throughout human history, but especially since industrialization in 18th century England, human beings have not ceased to take everything they can from nature. Worse of all, they haven’t taken the measures and initiative to give it back, at least until very recently.

Luckily, our level of awareness is far greater than it has ever been. Today’s homes include eco-friendly designs, energy-efficiency systems, automation in recycling processes, and spaces that respect their surroundings and preserve existing natural ecosystems.

Income and Profitability

Before the Airbnb explosion a few years ago, most people either lived in a place or rent it out. For those of us with only one property, it was practically impossible to make money through rentals as we would have to find another place to live. On the other hand, wealthier individuals could buy several houses or apartments, live in one of them, and earn a substantial income from the others.

Today, this is no longer the case. Even if we live in a house, we can still rent out a room, either temporarily or long-term. And when we go on vacation or a business trip, we can place the entire property online and make money while we are away. All it takes is adequate prepping, a sound business strategy, and we are good to go.

Like most things, housing trends come and go. Currently, it is all about blending indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a touch of our personality to our homes, multi-functional properties, sustainability, and making a profit from the places we own.

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