Tile Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

small bathroom
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The bathroom is not the simple, functional room it was in the past. Nowadays, people are transforming their bathrooms into spa-like atmospheres. This makes the bathroom one of your most relaxing rooms and cuts back on the expenses of spa treatments. Unfortunately, living spaces are getting smaller, and thus your bathroom might not have much space to create the one you are envisioning. Minimal floor space should nonetheless be the last element that causes you to abandon your dream of the best-looking bathroom.

Thanks to the diamond tools now available from an Australia-based supplier, you can have different designs for the tiles in your bathroom. As such, even the smallest bathroom space can still look spacious and exceptional, depending on the design you will choose. The following are a few design ideas for the installation styles of your small bathroom.

Opt for Large Tiles

Conventional wisdom dictates that small tiles in small bathrooms only make your room look way smaller than it is. Opt for large tiles as these will create a spacious illusion and open up your bathroom. Large tiles measure 30–60cm and will create a calming effect in your bathroom more so when in neutral colours. The best choices are rectangular-shaped bathroom tiles that will make the bathroom taller or broader than it depends on how you install them.

Pick Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles, when chosen carelessly, can make your bathroom look too busy and at times cluttered. You should thus be cautious when picking patterned tiles for your bathroom. The failsafe option is to choose one of your walls for the patterned tiles and leave the rest for unpatterned ones. This keeps people’s eyes off the floor and creates an interesting design element. Instead of getting a feature wall for your patterned tiles, you can also opt to have the patterned tiles on your floors.

Match Tiles on Floors, Walls, and Ceilings

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One of the best ways to negate a claustrophobic bathroom look is by using the same tile designs and shapes for the walls, tiles, and ceilings. The sense of continuity thus created will not only open up the bathroom but will also create a head-turning feature. To ensure this design option works for your bathroom, settle for neutral tile colours. These reflect maximum light without making your space look too busy and consequently cramped.

Get Chevron Striped Tiles for All-White Bathrooms

Most homeowners will choose all-white bathrooms to maximise the reflection of light and make their bathrooms look larger than they are. The design can nonetheless be overwhelming without a few design details to break the colour monotony. Opt for chevron stripes for the tiles to elongate them and add some depth to your room without introducing visual clutter.

Incorporating wall and floor tiles to your bathroom was primarily a lengthy and challenging task in the past. With diamond tile working tools, an installer can incorporate the above tile styles and more into your bathroom with minimal impact on the installation costs. This is because the tools ease the installation process more so in challenging areas like around taps and lighting fixtures.

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