Tiny House: A Big Choice

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Most of the time, newly-wed couples would dream to live in a big house. Like everyone else, we desire to live in a house where there are many rooms. That is what most couples with a growing family would hope for. Not bad at all, especially if you have the budget and the freedom to spend.

But on the other side, there are also growing families who would be happy to stay in a tiny house for very worthwhile reasons.   Some would choose to stay in a 1500-square-foot rental house. But others would have different sets of priorities and would choose to buy a 400-square-foot tiny home.

With the same budget as those who chose the big houses, imagine the freedom to spend and even save that extra money by living in a tiny house. During these times of pandemic, the future is very uncertain and having that extra cash to spend is necessary. But like any new and untapped ideas, some doubts might hound you.

This can limit your thoughts by reading the words “tiny house.” Some call it small thinking; others call it a risk. Some will even go the extreme and call it poverty. But those who have already enjoyed its benefits call it an adventure.

Here are three benefits of living in a tiny house:

1. Budget-friendly (Smaller House Means Smaller Cost)

Utility bills take up most of any household budget. But if you stay in a smaller house, you may have the same concerns but for a smaller space. This means smaller electricity bills, smaller monthly payments, and lower upkeep costs. This time around, home maintenance would not take up the whole budget, and you may save some for the rainy days.

Reduced costs for materials are now possible. Indoors you can embrace small furniture, organize storage spaces, and maximize vertical walls.   You can also put up shelves and cabinets and even have a kitchen island on wheels that the family can use as a dining table.   Outdoors, “chain link fencing” is suggested as it uses minimal material to achieve a safe space for children and pets to enjoy. For walls and even a small outdoor patio, durable and reliable bricks are recommended as brick repair costs will be minimal to none.

2. The Power to Choose (Feel and Live in the Power)

tiny house

They say that lots of money means lots of choices. This can be very true from a lot of well-meaning perspectives. But from a new kind of perspective, by having a tiny house, you can save a lot of money to make even better choices. The possibilities are endless, with a good vision, a workable plan, some imagination. Complete with good equipment and hard work, choosing to live in a tiny home is achievable and very satisfying.

You can choose to buy a prefab tiny house or go DIY (Do It Yourself). Or putting it up on a property and having a fence around it or putting it on wheels and traveling to many places inside your house. Some other options to choose would be a studio type, a one-bedroom loft or even a two-bedroom loft accessible by a ladder. You can feel the power to choose and even the freedom to decide as your imagination is the limit to living in a tiny home.

3. Get out of the House (Making the Sky Your Roof)

Obviously, you will have a small space indoors for playtime and other family activities by choosing to go tiny. But, the good thing is this would make the outdoors the best extension of your family activities and the children’s play area.

By having a nice fence around the tiny house, parents can rest assured that the happiness of their children cannot be achieved only indoors. They can also be happy outdoors, where they can run and play outdoor games.

Family camping or picnic? No problem! It can only be a few steps away from your doorstep. Stargazing? Anytime! You can drive your tiny home, set up some snacks, and lay down on the grass or a hammock. You can also wish among all the stars. These are all perfect ingredients for a happy marriage, closer family ties, and growing a happy family.

While saving money for children’s education, the future, and, more importantly, family needs, choosing to live in a tiny house is not only a big decision but a wise one, too. Tiny houses can be your biggest choice.

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