Tips for Single Dads: Fun Activities to do With Your Kids During the Holidays

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The holidays are a particular time of year, but they can also be stressful. If you’re a single dad, you might wonder how you will manage everything on your own.

However, sometimes, the best thing to do is to spend time with your kids and create lasting memories. You should know that children usually want simple things, such as your attention and love. If you’re looking for ways to keep your kids entertained during the holidays, here are some tips:

Get crafty with holiday cards

Being a single dad can be challenging during the holidays, especially when finding fun and unique ways to spend time with your kids. One activity that is both creative and meaningful is making holiday cards together. Not only will you get to bond with your children over arts and crafts, but you’ll also be creating personalized greetings for loved ones. Plus, there are endless possibilities for designs and messages  use stamping techniques, cutouts from magazines or old greeting cards, or even stamps and markers to express your creativity.

Need some inspiration? Search for DIY Christmas card ideas online, or visit your local craft store for supplies. And don’t forget to snap a finished product photo before sending them out! This holiday activity will surely bring joy to both the recipients of the cards and your family as you create lasting memories together.

Bake cookies together

dad baking

If you’re a single dad looking for quality time to spend with your kids during the holidays, why not try baking some cookies together? Not only will it get them excited about the holiday season, but it’s also a great chance to teach them practical life skills. And believe it or not, nothing looks better on Christmas day than homemade cookies from dad. Just make sure to get your oven cleaned before Christmas  nobody wants burnt sugar on their hands during the holidays! So grab your kids, some sugar, and flour, and get baking  your taste buds will thank you.

Have a gingerbread house decorating party

A gingerbread house decorating party is a great way to get your kids into the holiday spirit  and it’s also a lot of fun for adults. Not only is it an excellent opportunity for some creative bonding time with your kids, but it can also teach them about spatial awareness and fine motor skills as they design and construct their mini-houses. Not sure where to start? Look online or at your local bookstore for kits and recipes, or make things more enjoyable by doing everything from scratch. And don’t forget to invite friends and family to join in on the fun! The holidays are all about celebrating with loved ones, after all. Plus, you’ll have some tasty (and Instagram-worthy) decorations for the rest of the season.

Go ice skating

Ice skating is definitely a classic winter activity, but it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your kids. Not only is it a great way to release some pent-up energy, but it also teaches coordination and balance. Plus, you can use it as a teaching opportunity  show your little ones how to properly stand up on skates, glide forwards and backward, and even stop without falling. And if anyone in the family is feeling adventurous, take turns trying spins and jumps. The best part? Ice skating rinks often have hot cocoa stands or even full cafeterias, so you can warm up with a treat afterward. So grab those skates and hit the ice with your kiddos this holiday season. It’s guaranteed to be a memory they’ll cherish forever.

Have a movie marathon night

Curled up on the couch, watching holiday movies is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your kids during the holidays. Not only is it a fun, low-pressure activity, but it’s also a great opportunity for bonding and shared experiences. Plus, there are plenty of educational and culturally enriching films out there. For younger kids, try a classic animated film or something with an important message about family. Older kids might enjoy watching a historical drama or foreign film with subtitles. And don’t forget to have some snacks on hand  popcorn and hot chocolate make for the perfect movie marathon treats! So grab some cozy blankets, cuddle up with your kids, and have a festive movie marathon night this holiday season as a single dad.

The bottom line

Spending time with your kids is the most important thing you can do during the holidays. They’ll cherish the memories you make together for years to come. And who knows, maybe you’ll even start a new holiday tradition or two. Don’t worry about being perfect  just enjoy the moment and relish in the joy of being a dad.

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