Take the Spa to Your Home by Transforming Your Bathroom

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The word Zen has roots spread across Asia, mainly: India, China, and the Japanese. The concept centered around the state of ultimate enlightenment. It’s difficult to fully explain because there’s no exact way of defining what Zen is. But you relate this concept to the state of peace and tranquility.

When incorporated into any living space’s interior design, Zen demands balance and harmony among all designing elements and features. Its most prominent feature is its simplicity. It shoes away from bright colors and intricate designs.

Instead, it’s a concept that aims to be minimalist and straightforward. So before we dive into some of its interior design features, let’s discuss some of the benefits.

Why Go Zen?

The focus of Zen is to achieve ultimate enlightenment. It’s been not easy to define such a term, but today, you associate Zen with meditation. It gives you the necessary tools and skills to manage stress and transform anger. Many people are learning Zen classes to enhance their mental fortitude.

Zen is often the answer to dealing with pessimism and even perfectionism. There is a whole spectrum of conditions and issues that can be treated and managed by simply living a Zen life. Today, it’s used to heal the mind and cope up with daily stress.

Often, people meditate to gain balance in their lives. They want to reflect on their choices and accept them for what they were. They want to find the path of true healing. Zen is a way to achieve relief from stress and anxiety. And in many cases, it’s a way to deal with and manage depression.

Along the way, they’re able to increase their focus and concentration. It’s even a process that helps enhances memory, creativity, and logical thinking. It’s impressive how meditation can increase productivity and help people become more efficient at work.

Zen Tips for A Spa-like Bathroom


The first thing you need to look at its color. It’s a massive influence on a relaxing atmosphere. For starters, you might want to paint your walls with neutral colors. White, grey, and beige are perfect choices that induce Zen. The important thing is that you have to lean towards monochromatic options to enlarge the space.

The thing about bathrooms is that they’re not always the most significant space in the house. They’re often cramped. So one way to enlarge a living space is by giving it monochromatic colors or different shades of one single color. For example, a popular color scheme is blue.

Blue is easily the world’s favorite color. Nobody can tell why, but it’s the color that resembles peace and calm. It’s relaxing and also allows people to focus and concentrate better. In addition, it’s a color of stability and reliability.

You might also think about renovating your whole bathroom. It’s recommended to move the tub close to a window. The natural lighting from the window is calming and relaxing. It can also be easier for anyone to look at the landscape outside or connect better with nature. If it’s possible, it would be best to have natural lighting in the bathroom.

A Zen ambiance can be created by allowing light to bounce off the ceiling and walls if that’s not possible. In addition, you want to invest in neutral and natural materials and accents in the bathroom. Stone and wood are trendy because they add a feeling of nature to any given space.

Don’t forget to add your candles and a good amount of plants. You want something that smells gentle and fresh.

Some people like to have a stone wall in their bathroom, with accents of small greenery. Hanging plants are also great ideas.

You want to create a harmonious flow in the bathroom. And if you must segregate different parts of the toilet, you might want to look into wide and transparent shower doors. Finally, don’t forget to make space for storage. This could be for your towels and toiletries.

Investing and layering artwork is also important. For example, popular pieces are centered around nature, such as plants, leaves, and animals. Others like to insert abstract art, focusing on the simple ones.

When it comes to furniture, make sure to choose those simple and comfortable ones. Zen concepts shy away from complicated furniture with a lot of intricate designs. So the best would be to use ergonomic furniture like modern massage tables and cabinets built into them.

You should also choose natural materials. The most popular is wood because it’s warm and brings the atmosphere of any room closer to nature. You might want to add wooden chairs or tables.

Spa-like bathrooms are great because they create a uniquely relaxing atmosphere. Here, you can finally take a rest from a tiring day and enjoy the perks and benefits of a spa without driving there or paying for it. The important thing is that you stick close to your Zen concept, from the colors of your calls to the furniture you use.

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