Types of Upgrades in Modern Heat Pumps

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If you live in a region with moderate cooling and heating costs, the heat pump is the energy-efficient alternative to air conditioning units and furnaces for enhancing your indoor comfort. This appliance will use various forms of energy to move heat from cold to warm spaces and vice versa depending on the prevailing weather.

Since the heat pump moves instead of generating heat, it will provide the same air conditioning at a far lower price compared to traditional cooling and heating options. To guarantee it meets the needs of your property, there have been various heating and cooling advances here in Knoxville in the heat pump sector.

Several upgrades have been added to modern heat pumps to lower your energy costs further when using them while guaranteeing optimal indoor comfort. Here are some of these upgrades.

Dual Speed Compressors

The compressor in your heat pump is designed to move the air and refrigerant in the appliance. Heat pumps in the past only had compressors that ran at high or low speeds. New ones with a dual speed compressor, on the other hand, will run at a moderate pace in modest temperatures and high speeds in extremes.

This reduces not only their power consumption but also the rate of wear of the compressor.

Variable-Speed Motors

These are at times called electronically mounted motors. They use far less power compared to the permanent split capacitor motors in conventional heat pumps. Variable-speed motors also run more slowly compared to the latter, thus helping your heat pump also get rid of the humidity in the environment. In modern heat pumps, the motor is fitted to both the outdoor condenser and air handler to guarantee a higher efficiency.


Your heat pump will undoubtedly generate some amount of waste energy irrespective of its rated energy efficacy. The desuperheater in modern heat pumps will collect the waste energy from its operation and use this for other tasks.

As such, you can use this energy for the heating of water in your property, thus saving on your expenses.

Scroll Compressor

In the past, heat pumps operated on piston compressors. These were not as efficient for the compression of the refrigerant. Nowadays, the scroll compressor has largely replaced piston compressors in heat pumps.

This compressor improves the heat exchange abilities of your heat pump and will deliver warmer air when in heating mode compared to the piston. It is also more durable and has a quieter operation compared to the latter.

Back-Up Burners

white heat pump at the back of a home

Modern heat pumps are equipped with back-up burners to supplement their output. This option solves the issue of the delivery of relatively cool air in cold weather prevailing in conventional heat pumps and minimizes its electricity consumption.

Some heat pumps might, nonetheless, use an electric resistance heater as their backup in cold weather.

You might have bought a heat pump in years past and see no need of a replacement more so if it is running optimally. A heating and cooling installation expert can, however, inexpensively include the above upgrades in your existing unit.

There are times when, however, getting a new heat pump with the above upgrades might be the economical choice.

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