Ways Teachers Can Get Better Pay

teacher in her music class
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Teaching is one of the noblest professions. It’s rewarding in many ways. Sadly, thousands of teachers can benefit from better pay. While legislation for income increases is something to hope for, it’s not wise to count on it when it comes to wanting to increase your income. Many teachers consider leaving the profession in search of greener pastures. It’s a reality. However, some strategies can increase your income. Here are some ways you might not have considered:

Further education

Going back to school for your master’s or another degree can be costly and ultimately counterproductive in your search for better income. That said, don’t fret. There are ways to pursue further education without having to take out massive student loans (again!). When you’re working in the education field, the more education you’ve completed, the higher your earning potential.┬áSkills in areas aside from your main teaching focus can be attained through lower time and monetary investment. Language seminars for teachers are worth considering. In today’s world, being the go-to teacher for bilingual and multi-lingual teaching can come with monetary perks.

Going for workshops and short courses in other areas like fitness and creative arts can also result in more opportunities. Most schools have a hard time hiring full-time staff and would like to get someone already in the school to take up one or two additional classes. This results in extra income for teachers who have the background to take up the offers. It could be you!

Grants and development programs

There are a lot of research grants and personal development programs for teachers. These programs don’t only have corresponding financial stipends involved; they also help you beef up your credentials for better career prospects in the long run. Look into your state education board’s website for opportunities that might interest you. Advocacy groups also often have sections on their sites where they post calls for papers and open invitations for their programs.

Of course, these programs entail more work for you, but they’re always worth the effort because they benefit you, your teaching community, your school, and your future.

Lateral career moves

teacher during her class

Teachers, being immersed in the academe, are the perfect candidates for non-teaching positions like administrative work. This is one strategy that will require pursuing further higher education like a master’s degree. However, the career prospects include being a vice-principal, a principal, and even a superintendent of school districts. The reason why further education is required for these posts is that the responsibilities entail more than the familiarity with the field. However, the investment toward going back to school to get your post-graduate degree will be worth it because administrative positions in education are some of the most stable jobs in the field. You will be able to expand not only your knowledge but also your professional network, allowing you to pursue opportunities and interests beyond just employment.

Teaching can feel like a thankless job, but being a teacher doesn’t have to mean a life of struggle. Explore these ways to increase your income and take action. You deserve to be rewarded for all your hard work!

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