Daycare Decisions: What to Look for When Choosing the Right Daycare

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You can’t watch your little child 24/7. Even you have to trust them to daycare centers if you have to go to work. But this can bring up a new set of problems for you. Selecting the right daycare to take them to can be tricky since many of them look the same. However, some elements can stand out when you look into these facilities. Here are some factors you should look out for.


The first factor that you should be looking at is the professionalism of the facility. While running a daycare may seem simple, not everyone can run one properly. When you visit your potential daycare, you should look for a certification or a degree in childhood education. Even a simple Red Cross child care training certification is a good sign. This can be a good foundation to see how they are. Besides that, you should consider how long the teachers have been in the industry.

Another indicator of professionalism is how they communicate with you. Professional teachers know how to talk with parents and children. Seeing how they communicate their charges can reveal how they are.


One element that people should be focusing on nowadays is the cleanliness levels of the daycare. With the various issues about health, you need to be sure that your daycare facility will be as clean as possible. This is especially important since children have a tendency to touch a lot of surfaces and putting things in their mouths. A dirty daycare can potentially mean that your child is at risk of getting sick. When you’re visiting the place, take note of how clean everything is and ask some questions. For example, if they use commercial office cleaning services that have a good reputation, then that is a point in their favor.

Policies and Rules

Organization is a sign of a good daycare. If you can ask for a policy handbook for your daycare, that is a good sign that it is a good place. The policies that they have for parents should indicate how easy it would be to interact with the daycare administration. Additionally, be sure to review the rules that your child has to follow. They need to be reasonable and easy to understand so that you can explain them to your child.

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There is also the issue of the daycare’s values. This should b easy to check since many daycare facilities have a website nowadays. They usually enshrine their core values so that everyone understands what they represent. While all of them seem positive, some values may not be compatible with your personal beliefs. For example, a daycare center might be too free-form for you. It would be good to consult with others who share your values and religion as you for recommendations. It is a good sign if the daycare boasts that it focuses on specific religious values.


There is also the question of safety for your child. Accidents can happen anywhere, and you need to know that your chosen daycare is taking steps to prevent them from happening. There should be signs of childproofing all over the place. For example, the electric outlets should be out of reach of children or have covers on them.

This easily prevents any chance of electrocution. Additionally, you should take a look at their play area. There should be no sharp edges or hard surfaces where your child can get hurt. Small items should also be completely absent to prevent choking incidents.


The final element that you should be checking out is how happy the children are. Daycare centers are places where your child is supposed to have a fun and relaxing time. Being separated from their parents at a young age can be traumatic for a child. Fortunately, if they can be distracted by having an enjoyable experience, they won’t be a crying mess when you pick them up.

Observe how happy the children are when you visit. If they are running around and having fun, then it is a good sign. The only time they should be quiet is when they are napping.

While it may seem easy to raise a child, there are some standards to be met. The factors above should be at the top of your list when choosing the right one for your child. Taking the extra time to look into these daycare operations ensures that you can trust the people you leave them with before you go to work.

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