Wrestling 101: The Most Common Injuries to Watch Out For

portrait of wrestler
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Wrestling is one of the most engaging and exciting sports that you can go for. But it is also one of the most physically demanding that you can experience. As such, it is important to be aware of the dangers that come with the sport. Here are the most common injuries and health issues that you could face when undertaking the sport of wrestling.

Facial Injuries

A commonly injured part of the body when engaging in this sport is your face. That is because with all the jostling around and the rapid movement of body parts, it is very easy for you to take a hit on your face. That is why it is very important to wear a wrestling mouthguard all the time to protect your mouth and teeth. At the very least, you can ensure that your mouth is protected from any sort of harm and injury.

Head Injuries

More serious than facial injuries are injuries to your head. This can result from slamming down on the floor too often. Even if it is padded, there still can be risks of serious injury if you are not careful. It is just as important to get the top of your head protected with a helmet. After all, damage to the skull can affect your brain if it is hard and sustained enough. The damage that results can be lasting and jarring. Concussions can result from these actions or injuries if you are not careful.

Bone Injuries

man in crutchesSurprisingly enough, injuries as they relate to the bones are not just about them getting broken. That is actually far less common than you think. What are common are dislocations of the shoulder and sprains of the elbow, both of which can result from take downs that are common in the sport. If anything is at risk of fracture, it is the fingers, but this is not as common as those other two injuries.

Overworked Muscles

Another big challenge faced by many wrestlers is overworked muscles. Because of the engaging nature of the sport, you exert a lot of stress on your muscles and in turn, risk overworking them. When this happens, it can lead to cramping and even fatigue. It is very important to get a lot of rest after a particularly strenuous workout in order to allow time for your muscles to recover properly. Never work out on too many consecutive days.

Skin Infections

Finally, there are also many skin infections that every wrestler has to deal with. These include herpes gladiatorum, abscesses and even tinea. These usually result from constant interaction with a mat that is used, abused and overused.

Wrestling is a great sport to get into. It can help you develops strength, endurance and self-confidence. As with any sport, however, it comes with its own unique set of risks. But you can mitigate these risks quite easily if you know how to protect yourself by investing in the right gear and equipment. If you are looking to get into the sport, consider quality protective products out there.

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