Make Your Bed: Types of Latex Mattresses to Choose From

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Buying a mattress requires more than walking into a shop and picking one which fits your budget. It is worth it to save up for months on end to get the best mattress for your body and health. People spend roughly a third of their life in bed, and hence it should be among the highest quality things in your home. There are several kinds of mattresses available, but the most ergonomic and comfortable choice is a latex mattress.

When you get a mattress for sale in Utah, your best choice is an inexpensive latex mattress. Latex mattresses will conform to your body contours, bounce back fast after you sleep on it and last for at least twenty years. They are also eco-friendly since their manufacture excludes harsh chemicals and a few types are even biodegradable. The following are your latex mattress options to guarantee everyone will get a mattress which fits their needs.

100% Natural Latex

This is the original option for latex mattresses and is considered the gold standard for latex mattresses. Natural latex is a renewable and sustainable rubber product. The rubber is harvested from live rubber trees over the lifespan of the trees for 30-50 years. This means that there is no harm to the trees during the rubber’s harvesting. It is then processed using different methods to get various types of sleep surfaces. As such, natural latex mattresses come in different price ranges depending on their sleep surface type.

Natural Latex

dad and son lying on mattressThese are the most prevalent latex mattress options on the market. Most of the mattresses you will find labeled ‘’natural latex’’ only comprise 85% natural latex. They are a bit cheaper compared to 100% latex mattresses and closely mirror the properties of the latter.

Synthetic Latex Mattresses

These are made from lab-manufactured latex which closely mimics the properties of natural latex. Unfortunately, synthetic latex mattresses will not conform to your body’s contours as perfectly as natural latex. They will, however, deliver more comfort than other mattress options at a cheaper cost compared to that of natural rubber.

Blended Latex Mattresses

These feature a blend of natural and synthetic latexes. Most manufacturers include 70% of synthetic latex and 30% natural latex into their mattresses. Blended latex mattresses have most of the buoyancy and resilience of natural latex mattresses but are way cheaper than the latter.

High-quality sleep is one of the foundations of health which most people will ignore. It allows your body to sufficiently rest and reset itself after a long day, balances your hormones and controls your stress. Research has also proven that quality sleep will promote healthy weight and lower your risk of the development of various chronic conditions including diabetes and heart disease. About 5-15% of people will avoid latex mattresses because of an allergy to latex. You can however still invest in the above latex mattresses even if you are allergic to latex provided you will not be in direct contact with the latex. Quality bed linen will ensure you are well protected from the latex and also guarantee your mattress’ durability.

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