Your Quick Guide to Integrating Wabi-Sabi into Your Home

Bamboo Blind
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Much has always been said about Japanese interior design. Many homeowners, especially those who want to maximise their space, usually go for this aesthetics, as it focuses on space functionality. The Japanese aesthetics is anchored on the truths and beauty of symmetry, balance, and perfection.

However, Japanese aesthetics is not always about that. The other side of Japanese beauty lies in the truths of imperfections and asymmetry. Such is the Japanese philosophy called wabi-sabi. It is the way to look at imperfections using a different lens — that imbalance can also be beautiful.

Maybe it is time to go for something imperfect this time and give it a twist. You may not have a solid idea right now, but there are actually some ways and techniques that you can use to manifest wabi-sabi in your interior design.

Looking for them? Let this be your simple guide that will help you make your space more than beautiful and functional.

Use more wood

Wabi-sabi embraces nature, so you may introduce more wooden elements into your interior design. The floor, the windows, and the walls should be made of wood or its derivatives.

If you can expand the beauty and resiliency of wood, you may want to use wood step treads, but make sure that the material you choose properly suits your home’s existing design theme. You may ask the salesperson regarding this.

Bring in some plants


Since nature is being talked about, you may want to bring in some plants that will serve as your ornaments. Go for Asian-inspired choices, such as fortune plants and even bonsais. And if you are planning to have a simple indoor garden, you may build a small aquarium to complement the beauty of your garden.

Repurpose your materials

Are you not fond of throwing away some of the things that you love but have no purpose as of the moment? Now is the time to let your imagination run wild. You always have the options to repurpose some of your old things.

For one, if you have an old ladder, you can use it as an old display. You may even turn it into a shelf. There are many ways you can repurpose many items, and you can seek inspiration online. You can even involve your family, especially the kids in projects like this.

Mismatched is fine

Design has always taught people to follow uniformity and singularity, as these principles make things pleasing to the eyes. But you do not always have to subscribe to this rule. You can always go for differing aesthetics and marry them together.

Two disparate beauty philosophies can make one unified aesthetic theme. So do not be afraid to match your Scandinavian furniture with shoji or tatami. The combinations and possibilities are endless.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to embrace wabi-sabi and incorporate it into your interior design. You may want to work with a reliable interior designer to turn your vision into a reality.

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