Activities that Parallel Religious Practices

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Raising a child to be religious can have various benefits as they become interested in different activities. It gives them an edge on what would otherwise be a challenging task. A pious child would have learned and adopted virtues that one without faith might not be exposed to as often. Here are some extracurriculars that kids might take an interest in, where they can hone in their ethics best:

Painting and Meditation

There is a new trend in art where paint by numbers can help relieve stress in adults. It can also encourage creativity while keeping them relaxed and entertained as a pastime. As a result, art is now considered a form of meditation. Similar to how a person feels tranquil when they are in meditation, painting is a way for a child to connect with their inner peace and find themselves guided by a religious presence.

They can create work that is inspired by divinity or their admiration of a higher power. Considering how they must continuously practice calmness of mind, body, and soul while in the company of a higher power, it might help them when they start to take up art.

You can look into which kind of art your child might be interested in — be it sculpting, designing, painting, sketching, and so on. There are many aspects of art, and at least one of them is bound to pique your kid’s interest and make them feel joyful after taking part in the activity. Talent is one of the most important gifts that everyone receives, so it is only fair to share it with the world.

Sports and Focus

Analogous to how one must provide their undivided attention during a prayer or a communal celebration, sports demands the focus of the player during a game. Amidst all distractions, an athlete must remain steadfast in their goals. As religion trains everyone to be a constant source of admiration and love come what may, it will not be difficult for a religious child to muster willpower and remain focused during a game.

It might be helpful to consider installing sports surfacing in your home to allow your child to practice while they are at home. It is not that easy to access sports venues, and it might not be too safe to practice in public either. To keep your young one safe and active, it just might be the best way to go. This way, you can show your child how supportive you are in their interest in sports.

Singing and Praise

singing and praise

One of the talents that can be shared during a communal celebration is singing. Young children can develop this gift at an early age by joining a choir that is close to their faith. If there is none, it might be more favorable to encourage them to join a community choir or sign them up for singing lessons.

Akin to how praise allows a worshiper to express their profound emotions toward their faith, singing songs can provide a way for young children to express their passion. It can also reinforce beliefs, as meaningful lyrics can enrich their thoughts with positive reinforcement.

Theater and Ceremony

The earliest form of theater was considered to be inspired by showmanship during a communal ceremony of religion. As the person conducting the celebration commands the audience’s attention, it reminisces an entrancing actor on stage. The special attire worn and its symbolism could also be reflected in the costumes that help make a character come to life. There are many parallels between the performance of a custom and a story, both to gain the attention of its audience.

You can look into local theater groups that allow children in their shows. There might also be theater classes for kids somewhere in your community. It could even be a club at their school. There are usually many avenues for kids to practice the thespian trade, including the space in front of their mirror. The true beauty of acting is the elevation of a child’s thoughts from sympathy to empathy. They will try their best to embody their emotions, allowing them to be more insightful and kind.

Religious children are rarely left behind in activities. In fact, they are preferred due to their drive, focus, patience, and the gifts they are blessed with. Most of all, they are ideal talents due to their faith. It takes a lot to become successful globally, but a leap of faith toward any opportunity will keep them ahead of the pack.


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