Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy This Summer: Tips From the Pros

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Even if you’re not into doing yard work, it’s worth keeping your lawn well cared for. A well-maintained lawn not only increases your property’s aesthetic value but also lends it a welcoming vibe.

In most ways, people tend to assess a home’s interior aesthetics by how the front lawn looks. This is why it’s important to keep your lawn looking lush and green, especially during summer.

But taking care of your lawn during summer doesn’t have to be complicated and shouldn’t cost you an exorbitant amount of money. With the right combination of professional lawn care services and basic home lawn care, you can keep your lawn looking great all summer long. Here’s a quick rundown of what your lawn needs for the summer.

Pre Summer Season: Weed Control and Lawn Trimming

Before you fertilize your lawn, it’s important to clear out weeds and trim the grass towards the end of the season. This prepares the lawn for fertilization towards the beginning of summer. Typically, lawns are mowed high throughout Spring. Taller grass blades can absorb more sunlight, which is essential for root growth.

You’ll want your grass to have healthy roots for the summer, to maximize the absorption of the following fertilizer treatments. It’s also the best time to check for bare spots on the lawn and re-seed these parts. Doing this a few weeks before summer rolls in will give the new grass enough time to grow and absorb more nutrients from the upcoming fertilization process.

Early Summer: Fertilizer and Insecticide Application

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To boost the growth of warm-season grass, the lawn should be fertilized when temperatures reach 70F. Warm-season grass requires a specially formulated fertilizer for the summer. Take note: it’s important to follow the application instructions or you run the risk of over-fertilizing your lawn, turning brown and patchy.

If you have cool-season grass on your lawn, it’s best to fertilize your lawn in the spring and in the fall. There’s also a specific type of fertilizer to use for this type of grass, so before proceeding to do it yourself, especially if you haven’t done it before, make sure to ask the experts.

If you’re unsure about the right amount of fertilizer or the type of grass that you have on your lawn, have it checked by the professionals to make sure your lawn gets the right care it needs.

Aside from fertilizing the lawn, the early summer is also the perfect time of the year to treat for pests and insects that are planning to set up camp out in your lawn for the season.

Insects and pests may become more active at this time, as it is also their reproductive season. Starting treatment at the right time can disrupt the growth cycle of these unwanted creepy crawlies in your lawn.

Just like fertilizers, you’ll need to use the right formula to get rid of the harmful bugs and insects that can ruin your lawn. It’s important to apply the right amount and to follow the required application frequency to effectively rid your lawn of bugs and other pests before they start munching on your grass.

When left untreated or if the treatment is started late, these harmful pests and insects can affect the proper growth of your lawn and may even result in wilting and bare patches on the lawn. To prevent this from happening, be sure to perform this treatment before you begin fertilizing for the summer.

Mid to End Summer: Adjust Watering Schedule and Mow High

Watering deeply instead of frequently prevents moisture stress that can lead to root rot and slow grass growth. Deep watering is better than frequent watering because it allows the soil to absorb the water thoroughly, and supplies the roots with the right amount of moisture throughout the day.

Experts also recommend watering early, before it gets too warm, to ensure proper water absorption and avoid moisture loss due to evaporation caused by the heat.

To reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by the soil, it’s best to mow your lawn high. Tall grass provides shade and keeps the sunlight from directly reaching the soil, allowing the soil to retain as much moisture as possible until the next watering schedule.

Getting your summer lawn maintenance down to a tee is easy when you’ve got professional lawn care experts to help you with the basics. While keeping your lawn green and thriving throughout the summer takes time and effort, proper guidance from lawn experts will make the work completely doable and possible.

To make sure your lawn stays green and healthy this season, follow the basic care tips mentioned here.

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