Best Carpet Cleaning Methods for Homes with Allergic Occupants

Placing a carpet
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Carpets are an essential part of all indoors. They do not only form part of the interior décor, but they also keep the interior of your house comfortable and warm in cold months. In a few homes, however, carpets are the primary element that contributes to a periodic flare-up of allergic conditions in susceptible individuals. This is attributed to the dust and other allergens that get trapped in carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming and dusting of your carpets are essential for minimizing these allergens, but they are not enough.

A professional residential carpet cleaning company in Draper is your ideal solution for reducing the allergens inside your home. There are different methods a company can use for cleaning your carpets, but some might cause the flare-up of allergens in individuals at risk. The following are some of the safest carpet cleaning techniques used in homes with allergic occupants:

Hot Water Extraction

In this technique, your carpet will be pre-conditioned using a chemical reagent that liquefies the soil and dirt in the carpet fibers. The water used for carpet cleaning is heated then pressurized before injection into your carpet. It gets soil out of your deep carpet fibers and allows the extended dwelling times of the solvents for carpet cleaning. However, your carpet will need an extended period to dry, and the method is slightly expensive.

Steam Cleaning

Most people assume that this is similar to hot water extraction, but it is a different cleaning technique. The temperatures used in cleaning carpets are 100 to 150 degrees Celsius, which are far higher than the temperatures of the water used in hot water extraction. As such, steam cleaning achieves a far deeper carpet clean than hot water extraction. Hence, the former is the best choice for periodic deep cleaning of your carpets.

Foam Encapsulation

Here, a chemical foam layer, which crystallizes on contact with dust particles, is first applied on your carpets. This chemical will then be removed using a powerful vacuum cleaner. Foam encapsulation, unlike other methods, does not use a lot of water, and your carpets will dry within a short period. Moreover, this cleaning method will not leave a lot of chemical residue behind which might cause a flare-up of allergens. Unfortunately, it is not an effective method for the cleaning of heavily soiled carpets since it does not penetrate the carpet fibers as much.

Dry Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet

This is the safest method of cleaning carpets with sensitive fibers such as those made of silk. Moreover, in dry cleaning, minimal moisture is used. Thus, your carpets will dry very quickly and not soak in germs and dirt into your carpet fibers. However, dry carpet cleaning cleans only your carpet’s top third and is hence only ideal for routine cleaning rather than deep cleaning.

About four million Americans suffer from different types of allergies. Your indoor home environment should be as safe as possible to avert their risk of allergy flare-ups. The cleaning techniques mentioned above are your guaranteed choice for minimizing the triggers in your indoor environment. This will not only save you on the costly medical expenses of treating allergies but will also protect your carpets and boost their durability.

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