Modern Homes Are Beautiful But Often Lack Color And Uniqueness

modern home entrance
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No one will deny the beauty and grace of most modern home designs, and there’s just something to their simplicity and functionality that never fails to inspire numerous people, from your average homeowner to the most well-versed of architects. At first glance, it may seem like abstract art belonging to a contemporary museum, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find yourselves staring at awe with every nuance and detail you come to discover.

However, one major critique we have of modern home designs is that they most often come off as unoriginal due to many sharing the same characteristics, and while it’s only natural for greatness to be likened, the similarities harm the aspects of uniqueness and color. Past a certain point, these designs and layouts are nothing short of repetitive, which is why in worst-case scenarios, some even consider them — ugly.

A Bit More Color Will Drive More Value

Sure, the ever-flexible nature of sticking to different shades of whites, grays, browns, and blue are easy on the eyes, but it doesn’t hurt to have a bit more color because it’s the slight differences that set you apart and make your house unforgettable. When homes follow the same color palette over and over again, they gradually lose any uniqueness they used to exhibit, and that’s why we strongly recommend welcoming a bit more fun into your home’s overall design.

#1 Add Your Personality Indoors

Method number one, since investing in a total makeover is out of the picture with construction materials in a shortage, we urge you to channel your designer instincts indoors and start reworking your personality from the inside. It might appear like the easy way out, but the contrasting appeal that we’re going for is an excellent principle that can help introduce more color into any house. Therefore, even with a few room adjustments as to wallpaper, fresh new paint, and choice of furniture, you can quickly work back the uniqueness with an eclectic niche from the inside.

#2 Extend Your Living Space

Method number two, if you’re more than capable of allocating a huge budget for home design, then we definitely recommend that you try extending your living space to give you more room to experiment with color. For example, incorporating luxury garden room designs into your property is an excellent way of making the home feel a lot more organic and bringing the colorful outdoor experience inside. Plus, apart from the aesthetic benefits, any practical space addition will bring the total property value up as well.

#3 Invest In Greenery And Flowers

Method number three, the simplest and most accessible way of adding color to your home is by investing in greenery and flowers because a lush environment will most certainly complement any exterior. Of course, expect that you’d end up doing a lot more landscaping work than initially planned, but since summer is right upon us, it’s as good of a chance to match your yard with the warmer climate. In addition to this, your curb appeal is sure to skyrocket, and it will have every passerby turning their heads in amazement.

garden flowers

However, Modern Homes Aren’t Bad By A Long Shot.

Although we may have made it sound like the design trend for modern homes is wailing, they aren’t inherently flawed because they feature some of the best advantages that modernity can provide. Our only grief is that most come off as copycats, but that factor alone shouldn’t distract you from its benefits.

  • Smart Homes Enable Sustainability: Modern homes are also smart homes equipped with the best technology, such as real-time monitoring of house systems, state-of-the-art security, and give you full control of your property from the comfort of a singular device. And with these features, these modern homes are far more sustainable and energy-efficient compared to more traditional house designs.
  • Artistic Cubism Architecture: At face value, some might consider the geometric appeal to be bland, but the artistic cubism architecture that most modern homes utilize offers aesthetic and functional advantages as well. In terms of beauty, these homes appear a lot more gentle to the eyes, and it’s a lot easier to incorporate pivotal points of beauty such as balance, symmetry, and emphasis. And as far as functionality goes, geometric designs are easier to build, require fewer materials, and are near-impossible to mess up.

Add More Flavor To Your Beautiful Abode

Overall, we want to emphasize that color is an important aspect of a home’s beauty, and we believe that everyone should have a chance at adding more flavor to their beauty. So, even if you’re itching to go on a summer vacation, we suggest putting your plans on hold because you’ve got a home to renovate!

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