How to Dress for Church: Practical Tips and Advice

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If you’re like most people, what to wear to church can be a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, you want to look your best and show respect for the occasion. But on the other hand, you don’t want to stand out or be too flashy. You may not realize it, but what to wear to church can actually be a lot of fun.

1. Know the Church’s Dress Code

Many churches have a dress code for their services. Some are fairly casual, while others require formal attire. If you’re not sure of the church’s dress code (or if you’re trying to impress your date with how well-dressed you are), call ahead or check the website.

You can also visit the church beforehand. Usually, they will post a dress guide at the entrance. If you have friends and family going to the same church, you can also ask recommendations from them.

2. Stick to the Basics

When in doubt, opt for the classics. This is especially true if you’re still new to dressing for church. You don’t want your first impression to be a bad one (and you definitely don’t want to offend anyone), so start off on the right foot by wearing something tried-and-tested like a nice pair of black dress pants with a matching jacket or a modest knee-length dress.

Kids, meanwhile, can wear their Sunday best. This may include a dress shirt, tie, and slacks for boys or an ankle-length skirt for girls.

Note, though, that focusing on the basics doesn’t mean wearing drab clothing. You can be more selective with your choices. For example, you can choose a nice blouse with an A-line skirt or a conservative shirt paired with pants.

3. Dress for the Weather

The reality is that you will probably spend at least an hour in the church. And while some churches are climate-controlled, others can be quite drafty and cold (especially older buildings). So make sure to wear something suitable for the weather.

If the weather is chilly, such as in the spring, hypoallergenic cardigan sweaters for women will work. The material is soft and comfortable, while the cut is flattering enough for most body types.

For warmer weather, lightweight pants (in khaki or another neutral shade) and nice shoes with low heels work well for women. They’re not too casual but light enough to wear on a normal day out.

Meanwhile, men can wear a dress shirt paired with black dress pants. A tie is optional, but if you’re more comfortable wearing one, go for it.

4. Wear Comfortable Shoes


If you’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing in church (especially during the service), make sure your shoes are comfortable enough to do so. The last thing you want is to hobble down the aisle in high heels or dress shoes that pinch your feet.

You may also want to bring a pair of comfortable flats with you, just in case you need them at some point during the service. This will come in handy if the church has hardwood floors and it’s raining outside, which causes you to get wet when commuting from your car to the church.

5. Dress for Success

If you want to make a good impression, dress like you normally would on a normal day out. In other words, wear clothes that represent who you are as a person and as a Christian. You don’t have to look perfect or anything, but remember not to look too casual either (unless the church is extremely casual in nature).

And remember to smile. It will help you feel more relaxed, and it’ll let others know that you’re happy about being there.

6. Avoid Showy Accessories

While accessories can add flair to an outfit, they can also ruin it, especially if these are not in line with the church’s dress code. For example, you don’t want to wear large flashy earrings with a conservative outfit. It’ll just look out of place and inappropriate.

It’s best to stick to minimal jewelry such as simple studs or hoop earrings for women and a nice watch for men (no dangling bracelets please). Oh, and keep your smartphone in your pocket. Putting it on vibrate mode is helpful, so you won’t be disturbed by incoming calls and texts during the service.

What to wear at church isn’t as complicated as it sounds. As long as you know the dress code of your church, you shouldn’t have any problems figuring out what to wear on Sunday.

Just remember these tips: stick to the basics, dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes, dress for success, and avoid showy accessories.

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