Maximize Space in Your Small Living Room for Lounging Dreams

living room interior
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Living in a smaller living space can be a frustrating thing for many homeowners. But if living with less and having a simple lifestyle, that tiny space won’t be much of a hassle. You can save money since you don’t need that much stuff, you get to focus on quality over quantity, and most of all it’s easier to clean compared to other spaces.

But can you still have an entertaining and comfortable living area if you got limited space? Absolutely! All you need is creativity and effort to creating a living room that is still stylish, inviting, and cozy for your family and the guests. Below are seven design tips to help you maximize space in your tiny living area and turn it into a relaxing haven.

Hang up lightweight curtains

When it comes to decorating a small living room, you need to think about the function and aesthetic all in one, and lightweight curtains are perfect for that. They cannot just bring in a sense of comfort and ease into the space, but also provide your interior with patterns and colors. If you have curtains in dark shades and bulky, your space can feel too enclosed. Replace them with curtains made from lightweight fabric, preferably in pale or white colors, to make the room feel airier and brighter.

Paint the walls white

This is a classic trick. White walls can make any space look brighter, airy, and open without too much effort on interior decorating and styling. What’s more, they are a blank canvas, which gives you the chance to get creative. White walls are great canvasses for just about any décor theme.

But if you want to make the space look and feel more spacious, interior designers recommend opting for a white-on-white theme. Create a lighter, brighter, and more soothing living room by using pale furniture to go with your white walls. In case this look does not suit your preference, you can always add some bright pops of color using wicker furniture pieces, accent pillows, and houseplants.

Create a little nook

seat by the window

If your tiny living room comes with oddly angled walls and slanted ceilings, you might ignore that space and leave it as is. It’s harder to style anyway, right? But why not use that for a cute and cozy nook for yourself to maximize the space that you have? In creating a personal little nook, it’s best to incorporate both soft and hard home furnishings from Pottery Barn into the area. Place a cozy nook rug and tiny couch for seating and throw in some pillows, blankets, and extra linens.

You can also use a sheer curtain to make the space extra cozy and lets you feel tucked away from other areas in the house. For this set-up, a bean bag is surely a better choice for seating. Properly sectioning the living area and creating multiple areas can make it look more spacious than it actually is.

Be creative with lighting

Lighting can totally transform your compact living area into a bigger-looking space. Ideally, you’d want to maximize the natural light coming into the space. Keep your wide and tall windows open when the weather is nice and use sheer coverings or curtains for some privacy while still letting light in. In case you don’t have good access to natural light, getting creative in using artificial light fixtures is the key. You can layer your light, from your task lights and chandeliers. Set them at different levels and locations to maximize your living room space.

Emphasize vertical space

Using your vertical space for décor is a better idea if you lack floor space but have a high ceiling. To add some style, you can hang up some floor-to-ceiling drapes. This can add height to your small living area, bring in airiness, as well as highlight tall windows. Another trick to make your compact living room feel bigger and more inviting is to put on artistic or minimalist wallpapers.

What’s more, you can hang up a collection of small artworks to make the space more aesthetically pleasing without eating up any floor space. Also, to achieve a clutter-free floor, you can use your wall to hang some floating bookcases and shelves.

With these creative tips, you don’t need to put a damper on your dream of having a Pinterest-worthy and cozy living room where your family and guests can have a fun or relaxing time. Use these tips for inspiration, and make sure to still incorporate your own style and taste when decorating your small living area.

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