What Natural Lighting Can Do for Your Home

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Modern home designs allow the right amount of natural lighting at the right angles. Sure, natural light looks cozy and can help lower the energy consumption of artificial lighting, but there are a lot of other ways you and your home can benefit from natural light. As such, we’ll be taking a look at why your home should use natural lighting and how you can do it properly.

The Whys

Energy-saving. You can save a lot of money by utilizing natural light to illuminate your home instead of switching on artificial light. Additionally, strategic placement allows sunlight to heat your home in the cold winter mornings, which can significantly help in lowering your utility bill by assisting your home’s heating system.

Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient needed by the body to develop and maintain healthy bones and is synthesized by the skin through sunlight (not the heat from the sun). There are days (especially during the summer or when there are heat waves) when going out to get sunlight doesn’t seem to be a viable option. Luckily, if your home allows natural light, you can get your daily dose of Vitamin D without having to go outside.

Health Benefits. Where do we even start? Various studies have shown that natural lighting can help increase focus or concentration, reduce stress, boost your immune system, prevent seasonal affective disorder, and promote the production of serotonin and endorphins (the happy hormones).

Maintain Indoor Plans. Indoor plants aren’t only aesthetically pleasing; they can boost your mood and detoxify the air in your home. But one of the most common problems with indoor plants is figuring out a way for them to have enough sunlight. So by allowing more natural light into your home, your indoor plants can thrive and you can introduce more of them to your home.

Improve Aesthetics and Value. Natural light can make your home look more welcoming, warm, and more spacious than it is. But not only that, renters and buyers are more willing to pay more for homes with good natural lighting. So how exactly can you introduce natural light to your home and reap these benefits?

The Hows

Master bath in suburban home with skylights

Mirrors, Glossy Paint, and Reflective Surfaces.  Say you already have a couple of big windows or glass doors in your home, but the sunlight seems to only focus on the angle it goes in and doesn’t permeate through the house. Luckily, the answer’s easy: reflective surfaces. Put mirrors on your walls, use high-gloss paint, and install reflective tiles on the floors or counters. This will help distribute the natural light throughout the room.

Sliding Doors and Bigger Windows. If you’re planning on renovating your house, consider having bigger windows and sliding glass doors (for your backyard). These will allow more natural light and make your home look a lot more spacious.

Skylights. Skylights are the perfect addition to your Utah home when it comes to introducing natural light. Not only is it stylish; it can open your space and allow you to illuminate your home better. If you’re worried about privacy or that the skylight will let more sunlight (and heat) in during the summer, some companies in Utah install skylights with built-in shades.

The Takeaway

Adding natural light to your home can be a bit expensive, especially if you need to make some changes. But the numerous health benefits that it can offer easily outweigh the expenses.

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