Things You Need to Know About Different Bed Sheet Materials

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We all lead different lifestyles. However, what we all have in common is the need for sleep. Sleep helps us regenerate and process everything our brain absorbed throughout the day. We spend a third of our lifetime sleeping.

Many of us do this in our bedrooms. Because of this, we take great stock of our beds. We all want something that is not only appealing to our visual senses but caters to our need for comfort as well. Design and functionality are essential, especially when it comes to bedding.

More specifically, the sheets that we use. Bed sheets are separated into two categories: fitted and flat. Fitted sheets are the materials we use to cover our mattresses with. Flat sheets, on the other hand, goes on top of fitted sheets and under the blankets.

They prevent our sweat from reaching the blanket material. These two categories are made of different materials. Below, we discuss the different types of bed sheet materials and their advantages.


In recent times, bamboo sheets have risen in popularity due to its supposed sustainability. After all, it’s made from renewable source material. But this isn’t the only selling point of bamboo bed sheets. First of all, many users are purchasing this type of bed sheet because of its durability.

It is capable of overcoming even the longest of washes. Not only that, but they are breathable, and as soft as Silk sheets without the high price tag. Lastly, bamboo sheets are proven to be naturally antibacterial. It resists fungi and pest infestation.

It is popular among those with sensitive skin since it’s hypoallergenic aside from being antibacterial.


Cotton is one of the most popular options in terms of bedding, for good reason. Not only are they the most common, but they present many benefits as well. One of which is that it is thermoregulating. Cotton sheets are able to stay cool even in the harshest of summers.

It is also easy to care for since it only needs a wash at the recommended temperature. Cotton is a forgiving material, so any stains incurred by the sheets can be removed with a simple wash. Moreover, cotton only gets softer with each use, ensuring users that they will get the most out of the bedding.

We should note, though, that kinds of cotton aren’t created equal. Some are more beneficial at a higher price, like Egyptian cotton sheets.

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Flannel sheets become more favored when the colder seasons approach. Flannel is made up of cotton that has been fluffed up to become softer than regular cotton. It also has a napped surface. Both of these characteristics help trap heat and retain it.

Similar to cotton sheets, flannel sheets are soft to the touch. However, they are less durable, considering many washes will lead to tiny fluffs of ball appearing on the surface of the material.


Silk sheets are luxurious beddings that are made from the material silkworms produce. They are known for the coolness they provide. They are also hypoallergenic, making them the better choice for those who suffer from allergies. Their higher price tags come with the need for more care as well.

Every sheet offers different benefits at varying price points. Ultimately, the choice of sheets used in the bedroom is dependent on taste, budget, and availability.

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